mardi, avril 18, 2006

Cinemotscope 2 : Hope

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Jack Ruttan a dit...

I like how you've tried to keep the background the same kind of fuschia colour.

Why in English? Just wondering. No political point, or anything like that.

Meb a dit...

Thanks. It wasn't really intended though...It's the back of my pink chair, which I really like.

As for the english, I've been writing in both languages for a while now. I just take it as it comes. I've lived in England a couple of years ago and tend to listen a lot to english tv and radio since I'm back. So I end up thinking in english for long periods of time so the writing seems to come in that language.

Jack Ruttan a dit...

I've often wondered, because a lot of my francophone friends are very bilingual, but thought it would be rude to ask what language they thought in. I speak French in dreams sometimes, but it's still my bad (but now 'cute' rather than simply incomprehensible) French.

It's still hard for me to speak French, and I feel as if I almost have to assume a play-acting 'character' voice to speak it at all. The accent's more British than French or Quebec, unhappily, but je me persiste.