mardi, janvier 31, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday : Orteil mutant

The theme for february is All of Me. And we have to show some ugly parts of ourselves, parts that are harder to accept. So I took a picture of what I call my mutant toe.

This toe used to be small like the others, but one day, when I was a ski instructor, I spent the day skying in heavy snow, and it ended up like this. I went to the doctor, who said something happened to the muscle but that it wasn't anything I should worry about.
So I guess I have to live with it.

It sucks when I have to wear sandals though!

3 commentaires:

éric a dit... dévoiler!! Je vois aussi que t'as 2e orteil est plus longue que la grosse; moi aussi!

nuno albuquerque vaz a dit...

lindo...adoro pés desclaços...

Mcplasse a dit...

félicitation pour ta "nomination" sur la site de best portraits tuesday!!!
je t'invite a aller voir mes propres orteilles sur mon blog!lol! les petites se sont toujours les plus weirds!