mardi, novembre 01, 2005

How to write bad poetry

It's fun to suck really bad sometimes...This site is giving you tips to write really bad poetry.

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Pearl a dit...

Great link. Found you through Self-Portrait Day.

Jack Ruttan a dit...

I think we learn from bad stuff. Even our own. Be proud of it, it's about growth and taking chances. Of course, no one agrees with me.

Still, I'd like to do a collection of mistakes by great artists. I felt gremuch better at after seeing in a sketchbook that Picasso screwed up drawing someone's hand.

If our idols are less than perfect, that gives us hope, because we are confronted with our imperfections every day.

Meb a dit...

I agree with Jack here. Great idea this book of mistakes by great artists... Bad songs on great albums, bad noses on great portraits...Let's be proud to suck once in a while! It's part of the process!